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Little Suzy’s Little Helpers

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Author Elizabeth P. Prentiss
Modernized by Rebecca S. Perkins
Illustrated by Jannah R. Espinoza

In this modern translation of a vintage favorite, watch Suzy grow from a baby into a first grader as she and her helpers learn to play, do crafts and help Suzy’s mother. But, sometimes, they get into trouble! Along the way, Little Suzy is learning to be kind, helpful, and most importantly, to love God with all her heart. Readers will want to be like Suzy and her little brother Eddy. They will learn that Jesus loves them and wants to be their Friend. He will help them as He helped Suzy. The “Little Susy Books”, originally written by Elizabeth Prentiss in the 1850’s, were very popular among children and parents alike. They taught children important lessons with tenderness and love. Elizabeth longed to see people loving God as much as she did and this is apparent in all her works, from children’s books to adult fiction, hymns to poetry.

ISBN/EAN13: 0985470828 / 9780985470821
Page Count: 107
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Language: English
Interior Color: Black and White