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Renewing Vintage Favorites

Our goal at More Love Enterprises is to breathe new life into vintage books that demonstrate biblical principles in action. We select hard-to-read books and update the archaic language and references, usually adding new illustrations to help them come alive. We believe a reader will enjoy a story more without the distractions of strange words, spelling and figures of speech that don’t make sense to us today.

Currently we are focusing on the wonderful works of Elizabeth Prentiss, a gifted storyteller from the Civil War era. Elizabeth’s hymn “More Love to Thee” was the inspiration for our company name.  Her goal was to write books that would strengthen and comfort others. Though we have modernized the language and changed some scenes in the books, we have retained the conservative Christian values.  Themes of God’s love for us and submission to His will run through every Elizabeth Prentiss book, and are presented in an entertaining and charming way while also inspiring the reader to a closer walk with the Lord. Virtues such as Love, Selflessness, Kindness and Patience are emphasized.

Little Suzy's Six Birthdays cover

Modern Edition

We’ve begun editing some works by Isabella Alden and though she is new to us, we are really enjoying her writings for both adults and children. (Though we will only publish the children’s books for now.) Alden and Prentiss never could have imagined the current digital age, and that their books would take a new form and inspire us 150 years later. Hopefully in their new form these books will inspire others 150 years from today, and if they do, our small work may make a difference to some future soul. We plan to reproduce other authors as God allows.

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