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Most of these posts are letters written by Elizabeth Prentiss and can be found in the book The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss by her husband, George Prentiss. Through them we get glimpses into the heart of this lovely woman. One of her last letters expressed her desire:


I received this morning a very beautiful and touching letter from a young lady in England about the Susy books. They are associated in her mind and those of her family with a “Little Pearlie” whose cunning little photograph she enclosed, who taught herself to read in a fortnight from one of them, and was read to from it on her dying bed, and after she became speechless she made signs to have her head wet as Susy’s was. I never received such a letter among all I have had.

Randolph sent me twelve copies of Stepping Heavenward, and I have had my hands full packing and sending them….Affectionately,


(see next post “Pearlie” for the letter mentioned.)